Terence Bennett - February 25, 2016


DreamFactory version 2.1 has shipped with some great new features. You can install DreamFactory 2.1 from Bitnami, get it on GitHub, or sign up for a free developer sandbox to try it out before installing.

Read more about DreamFactory’s new features.

What’s new:

  • Upgraded from Swagger 1.2 to Swagger 2.0 (aka OpenAPI) specification. Note that prior API configurations for remote web services on the previous Swagger 1.2 specification are incompatible with Swagger 2.0 and must be changed to comply with the new spec. Check out this blog post and video to see the Swagger 2.0 spec in action with an API example.
  • Swagger UI for the the Swagger 2.0 spec now included in Apps and API Docs in the DreamFactory Admin Console.
  • Swagger UI is now a standalone, role-based application. This means that non-Admin users can access the Swagger UI. Simply assign a role that grants access to the Swagger UI application.
  • SQL Server now supported as an option for the DreamFactory system database.
  • Event scripts now support File Services and Remote Web Services.
  • Event post-process scripts and custom scripting services (V8Js, Node.js, and PHP) can now use an “event.response” object that allows for custom status codes and content type settings directly from the script. Using the old-style “return” statements to return data still works and defaults to status code 200 as before. See the server-side scripting tutorial video for an example of “event.response” or check out the examples in the docs.
  • XML to JSON content conversion now handles namespaces (i.e. singular namespaces are used to pull data into JSON format).
  • Bug fixes, including email service configuration, manipulating request content and parameters in pre-process scripts, and handling database “read-only” fields such as SQL Server rowversion.

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