Terence Bennett - May 2, 2016


DreamFactory version 2.1.2 just shipped. The big news in this release is application packages. The packages features makes it easy to bundle and deploy your apps, services, scripts, schema, and user roles between different DreamFactory instances. We also added virtual foreign key joins between SQL databases and MongoDB. That means you can join data between a SQL database and MongoDB with a few configuration clicks 🙂

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What’s new:

  • BIG NEWS: Redesigned packages feature, including new system/package API and artisan commands for import and export. Easily export apps, services, scripts, schema, and roles as a zip file and import it into any DreamFactory instance.
  • BIG NEWS: Add a virtual foreign key to connect data in any SQL database to data in MongoDB. Then make a single API calls with the “related” parameter to fetch related data from SQL and MongoDB. This is a super convenient way to join data between SQL and MongoDB without writing server-side scripts.
  • Added Redis and Memcached config options to dreamfactory:setup command
  • Added Memcached config values in environment
  • Updated dreamfactory:import-pkg command to use new package
  • Updated initial setup to import any packages available
  • Now handling file stream output using StreamedResponse
  • Added artisan dreamfactory:config-hhvm command to create hhvm config file
  • Basic support for www-form-urlencoded payload in API requests
  • Added rewrite rule to allow basic auth on AWS cloud and VM.

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