Terence Bennett - March 25, 2016

DreamFactory version 2.1.1 has shipped with a bunch of enhancements and new example apps for Angular 2 and React.

Read more about DreamFactory’s new features.

What’s new:

  • Added example address book app for Angular 2. Check out this blog post to try it out.
  • Added example address book app for React Javascript framework. Check out this blog post to try it out.
  • Upgraded to Laravel framework 5.2.
  • New and improved File Manager application is now loaded from a composer-controlled repo.
  • Added extra server-side and client-side information on the Config tab of the Admin app.
  • API Docs (Swagger UI) updated for spec validation.
  • Lookups now supported in scripts. Lookup notations (i.e. {lookup_name}) get replaced before a script is run.
  • Lookups now supported in parameters for SQL stored procedures.
  • Updated Node.js scripting to support callbacks in scripts and log all console.log output to DreamFactory’s log.
  • Support non-DreamFactory (<dfapi>) XML wrapper on incoming data.
  • Support for simplified DB filter operators: “contains”, “starts with”, and “ends with”.
  • Now allowing login with JWT passed as a URL parameter.
  • Added log-level support, see DF_LOG_LEVEL in .env-dist for options.
  • Enhanced logging includes REQUEST and RESPONSE under log-level INFO.
  • Better support for spaces in database column names.
  • Support for SQL Server legacy image type.
  • Updated AWS SDK version and support to latest 3.* release.

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