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Executing SQL Joins in REST APIs Using DreamFactory

As a follow up to our previous blog post about retrieving related data from that REST API, I wanted to dive deeper into the power of the “related records” feature of DreamFactory’s database-backed APIs One of the powerful features of SQL databases is the ability to relate separate data records and perform queries that retrieve …


by Jason Gilmore • September 16, 2020

File Services

How To Create An SFTP REST API with DreamFactory

by Jason Gilmore • June 5, 2020

API Management

5 Best API Management Solutions

by Susanna Bouse • April 27, 2020

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MySQL

MySQL vs MS SQL Server – Which Reigns Supreme?

by Jeremy H • April 8, 2020

REST, Services, Services

WSO2 and DreamFactory: A Competitive Analysis

by Luke Marshall • April 6, 2020

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

What Is an ESB and Its Alternatives?

by Jeremy H • March 2, 2020

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Microservices, Microservices

ESB vs. Microservices: Understanding Key Differences

by Jeremy H • January 28, 2020

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