BuzyBeez app offers logistical support platform built with DreamFactory

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Screen_Shot_2016-10-05_at_6.58.27_PM.pngThe Chief Architect at Global International needed to build a highly distributed, resilient, and real time logistical support solution. Imran Khan was looking to replace existing old software with something much more advanced and adaptable for his app, BuzyBeez. This is where DreamFactory came in.

There are lots of other options that we explored, but it seems that for our future needs DreamFactory covers all the aspects that we required from our current project.

We are a lean startup looking for a MBAAS for our Logistic Support Software. Being the chief architect, I had evaluated lots of options and at that time, only Dream Factory supported MongoDB, which we are using as our data layer. The major concerns at the time were security, being language agnostic, supporting flexible role based access, and above all, yielding a  REST API so we can access it from any platform.“

Imran says the standout feature of DreamFactory is, “exactly what it promises, turns any database into REST API.” (Thanks Imran, we love it, too!)

He was searching for a way to access MongoDB securely, via an intermediate layer. DreamFactory handles security and works out of the box, with flexibility for open architecture with many endpoints.

Being a logistic support platform, geo locations are vital to our requirements. That’s why we opt for MongoDB because it’s one of the few DB’s to support geo operations natively. DreamFactory gives us secure, on-demand, and configurable access using the MongoDB geo functionality, as uses simple syntax for traditional queries that are cumbersome to write in MongoDB."

Our app has has many endpoints, and can be accessed via desktop or mobile and must support server-side microservices. DreamFactory is an indispensable part of the glue that binds our architecture via secure REST API based flexible access.





BuzyBeez is a logistical support platform that is meant to cover myriads of streams and is targeted to the London private hire industry. Their software is live and currently serving London in multiple offices. The idea for their app was to have an adaptable logistical solution that harnessed the power of open source.

DreamFactory was used primarily for their mobile solution and was up to their standards when looking for ways to improve their service.

A mobile asset needs to continuously update it’s geolocation, which can then be utilized and multiple operations can be performed to achieve the outcome. We can use any available web request library which supports custom headers and can access our DreamFactory instance securely.”

“We choose to have on site installation, as DreamFactory depends upon LAMP stack. We use sqlite for DreamFactory’s database. Our platform uses Visual Studio C# for desktop, Android Studio for Android, and XCODE for IOS. We have a VPS in one of our Data Centres which uses Linux . But, we are currently planning to migrate our infrastructure to AWS.”

When Global International is ready to deploy their infrastructure on AWS, migration will be a breeze thanks to DreamFactory’s effortless backup and migration services.