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As we emerge from the pandemic, cybersecurity conferences and expos are starting to reemerge with more emphasis on in-person events. These events are great opportunities that allow you to network with fellow professionals and learn from the leading experts in the industry. In the meantime, you can start using our API platform to manage big data and other assets safely.

InfoSec World

Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Dates: September 25-27, 2023

Now in its 29th year, InfoSec World is known as the "Business of Security" conference bringing together practitioners and executives for multiple days of top-notch education, networking and more! Gather with other security professionals to network and learn from the leaders in the industry.

The upcoming InfoSec cybersecurity event is a premier conference that brings together leading experts in the field of cybersecurity to share their insights and expertise with the wider community. This event offers attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in cybersecurity, including emerging threats, best practices, and cutting-edge technologies. With a variety of workshops, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities, this event promises to be an informative and engaging experience for anyone interested in cybersecurity. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in the field, the InfoSec cybersecurity event is the perfect place to gain new insights and connect with peers in the industry.

BSidesSF 2022

Location: San Francisco, CA

Dates: April 22-23, 2023

BSidesSF always attracts cybersecurity experts with insights into emerging trends. Where else would you learn about cutting-edge technologies than San Francisco? The 2023 conference has already secured Google, Adobe, and Code Red as leading sponsors. Come hone your skills from the industry’s best cybersecurity experts working for the most powerful companies.

BSidesSF stands out because it wants to foster thoughtful conversation about what’s next in INFOSEC. You already know the basics of security, and this is one of the best cybersecurity conferences to attend when you want to know what to expect next week, next money, and next year.

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo

Location: Excel, London

Dates: March 8-9, 2023

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo is undoubtedly one of the most useful cybersecurity conferences that take place in Europe, especially for English speakers. The conference organizers see digital environments as increasingly hostile places that require high-level security to withstand criminal attacks. Come prepared for presentations to challenge what you think you already know about protecting your organization.

Register your interest in attending the 2023 Cloud & Cyber Security Expo so you will receive more information as it becomes available.

Black Hat USA 2023

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Dates: July 31 - August 5 2023

Black Hat USA 2022 offered a combination of in-person and remote learning opportunities. Expect a similar approach for Black Hat USA 2023, although it looks like more will probably attend the event this year instead of dropping in remotely.

Organizers are still collecting presentation ideas for the 2023 event. A look at last year’s Black Hat conference, though, shows the types of skills and topics covered by experts chosen to present.

Some of the most heavily attended pieces of training in 2022 included:

  • Active Directory Attacks for Red and Blue Teams
  • Advanced Application of Adversarial AI for Scenario-Based Hacking
  • Hacking and Securing Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cyber Intelligence Foundations


Location: Las Vegas, NV

Dates: August 10-13, 2023

DEF CON started 30 years ago as a hacker conference. Today, it attracts all types of cybersecurity experts, including hackers and professionals, from all over the world. DEF CON doesn’t function like most conferences. Instead of going to a lot of speeches and presentations, attendees spend most of their time engaged in contests.

Innovate Cybersecurity Summit

Location: Nashville, TN

Dates: March 27-29, 2023

Learn, collaborate, and network with fellow CISOS & security executives at the 2023 Innovate Cybersecurity Summit. The Innovate Summit boasts their "reverse expo" where attendees get their own booths and vendors are given 5 minutes to converse with them. This interesting inversion on the traditional expo model is sure to interest both sponsors and attendees alike.

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Take some time to prepare for the best cybersecurity conferences to attend in 2022. Catching up on your field’s latest developments should make it easier to understand emerging technologies.

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