Announcing DreamFactory 4.12.0 | Dreamfactory

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DreamFactory logo for DreamFactory version 4.12.0

We are pleased to announced the release of DreamFactory 4.12.0

Two New Connectors!

The latest version of DreamFactory has two additional Google connectors, AlloyDB and BigQuery.

AlloyDB is a fully-managed PostgreSQL compatible database service that Google claims to be up to four times faster than standard PostgreSQL for the same workloads. This connector will be part of our open source version, and thus available to all users. Our open source version is available here.

BigQuery is a serverless data-warehouse enabling scalable analysis, analyzing data in the billions of rows. This connector will be available to all customers already on one of our Big Data license plans.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • We have fixed an issue where SQL Server function calls would fail due to the schema name being duplicated in the api call.
  • The default email templates bundled with DreamFactory have had further sanitization fixes to prevent script tags being placed in them
  • The default nginx template bundled with DreamFactory has been further strengthened with additional headers to prevent xss issues.

Finally, we have also updated our Docker Images. The Docker version of DreamFactory will now use Ubuntu 20 as its OS.