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Securely Sharing Your Swagger API Docs with DreamFactory

A common use case is securely sharing your API docs in DreamFactory with other users who aren’t DreamFactory admins. You might need to share specific API endpoints with partners, customers, or other developers. This short tutorial demonstrates how to set up role-based access control to specific API endpoints and easily share a secure link to DreamFactory’s live Swagger …


by Ben Busse • January 11, 2017

API Management, Data Sources, Integrations, REST, Security, Services, SOAP, SOAP

Generating DreamFactory client SDKs based on Swagger API definitions

by Alex Bowen • August 23, 2016

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DreamFactory 2.1 lets you put some Swagger in your custom scripting services

by Todd Appleton • February 18, 2016

API Management, Data Sources, REST, Services, SOAP, SOAP

Why We Use Swagger For API Documentation

by Tony Harris • June 4, 2013


gRPC vs. REST: Key Similarities and Differences

by Jeremy H • September 26, 2023

API Management

Key Questions to Ask When Building an API

by Terence Bennett • September 19, 2023


5 Ways to Optimize Your API

by Terence Bennett • September 12, 2023

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