API Design

REST vs. GraphQL: Which API Design Style Is Right for Your Organization?

The evolution of APIs (application programming interfaces) has been all the hype in recent years. In many ways, they’re powering the modern internet as they open doors to organizations and developers around the globe. Data shows that 98% of enterprise leaders believe APIs are essential for survival concerning digital transformation, yet most struggle to develop …


by Terence Bennett • May 11, 2023

API Design

The Complete Guide to API Portals in the New API Economy  

by Spencer Nguyen • May 23, 2022

API Design

API Design Is Communication: How to Build APIs People Will Love

by Spencer Nguyen • April 25, 2022

API Design

6 Best Practices for RESTful API Design: Lessons From the Field

by Spencer Nguyen • October 26, 2021

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