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DreamFactory 2.4.2 adds logging, SAML, and Azure AD

Posted by Ben Busse

Tue, Jan 31, 2017

DreamFactory 2.4.2 is live! This release adds new APIs for SAML and Azure Active Directory, event-driven configuration of the logging service, database function support, usability improvements to the schema manager, and a whole lot more. You can download the 2.4.2 release from Bitnami or GitHub now. Here's a roundup of 2.4.2 improvements:

Version 2.4.2 release notes
  • API improvements
    • Added SAML 2.0 support as an authentication service (note that the SAML service is a commercial feature not available in the open source product).
    • Added support for Azure Active Directory (this feature is a commercial feature not available in the open source product).
    • Added event-driven configurability to the logging service (logging is a commercial feature not available in the open source product).
    • Clarified context option names in the logger service.
    • SMTP service no longer requires authentication or SSL/TLS.
    • OAuth callback handler now checks for service name using the state identifier when the service name isn't present on the callback URL.
    • Cached WSDL files from SOAP services cleared upon system cache clear.
    • Improved error handling and display of original content when response content can't be resolved to Accept type.
    • For database services, now checking column count to avoid trying to fetch a non-existent rowset.
    • SOAP services now load WSDL files from storage/wsdl if only the file name is given.
    • Added send_invite parameter to user API documentation.
  • Scripting improvements
    • Added event.setRequest() for Node.js scripting.
    • Updated v8js support on Homestead for PHP 7.1.
    • Handling exceptions thrown in callback functions in NodeJS scripting.
  • Miscellaneous improvements 
    • Significant usability improvements to the schema manager in the admin console.
    • Added support for binary and unknown data types by implementing database function support across all fields, not just virtual fields.
    • Package manager now indicates bad services (connection failures, etc.).
    • Refactored database, email, and script services to be their own repos instead of part of core.
    • Fixed verb tunneling for proper role-based access control.
    • Fixed use of special words like "table" in SQLite.
    • Added support for Homestead 4.0 with PHP 7.1.
    • By default on Linux-based operating systems, now using Microsoft pdo_sqlsrv driver over pdo_dblib for SQL Server.
    • Updated Vagrant provision script.

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