G2 High Performer Awarded to DreamFactory

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G2 High Performer

DreamFactory is proud to announce its achievement of the G2 High Performer award in the Winter 2022 Report. Our accomplishment in the Winter 2022 quarter shows not only the hard work our team has put in over the last quarter, but it also reflects how satisfied our customers are with our product.

What is G2? 

G2 is a peer to peer review site that allows customers to compare similar software and leave reviews for products that they’ve used. Rather than relying on what a company says about their product, G2 provides a space for consumers to review different products as well as find new products that can help benefit their business. This allows consumers to ensure that they can find the right product for their needs. 

For sellers, G2 allows businesses to promote their software, collect reviews, and get G2 reports that buyers use to research their B2B software purchases. G2 also creates brand awareness and trust through the reviews that actual customers write. Businesses can utilize G2’s services to make decisions about business direction using the feedback of consumers. 

G2 has published over 1 million verified reviews, making it a valuable resource for the 5 million visitors they receive monthly. Over 2,000 businesses, including Zoom, Salesforce, and HubSpot have turned to G2 to build their reputation, gain customer insights, and increase their revenue. 

They also award badges to businesses that excel in a given quarter. The G2 High Performer award is one of those badges that are so highly sought after.

What does the G2 High Performer badge mean? 

G2 badges are a symbol of excellence and customer satisfaction. G2 badges are awarded based on feedback from customers of a product, which is what makes these awards so prestigious. 

Trust badges are important for businesses to demonstrate the reliability of their products and services to their customers. DreamFactory prides itself on delivering a fantastic product, but with the added benefit of the G2 trust badges, consumers are able to see that not only is the product reliable, but so is the company.

Not only do trust badges embody the trust others have for a company’s products, they provide reassurance for the buyer that they are making the right choice. The G2 High Performer award shows that a business is also constantly working to improve itself and its product and will ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase or subscription. 

G2 High Performer Award

The G2 High Performer award is based on reviews for actual customers. The reviews DreamFactory receives from verified consumers is what allows us to hold such high customer satisfaction scores. This is DreamFactory’s 12th consecutive High Performer award since the spring quarter of 2019!

DreamFactory consistently achieves high ratings from customers! We currently have an 8.6 average user rating based on ease of use, quality of support, and ease of setup. We also hold a 4.5/5 star rating from customers. 

Not only was DreamFactory awarded the High Performer award, we also received the Fastest Implementation badge and Highest Estimated ROI badge as well!

We want to thank all of our customers for leaving us with such positive feedback! It is with your support that we were able to be recognized and end this year on a high note. 

If you are a current DreamFactory customer and have found it to be the perfect API management solution, leave us a review, so we know how we can improve our product. 

What can DreamFactory provide you? 

Want to know more about why the G2 High Performer award sets DreamFactory apart? DreamFactory’s open source REST API generation platform allows users to create and manage sophisticated custom API’s for any task. DreamFactory is capable of supporting over 20 different data sources and can generate fully secure and documented APIs in a matter of minutes. 

Want to learn more about how DreamFactory can dramatically reduce the time to market and development costs for your projects? Schedule a call with our team and start a free hosted trial of the DreamFactory platform now.

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