DreamFactory 2.3.1 includes Logstash and Redshift

v231.png DreamFactory 2.3.1 is live! The 2.3.1 release includes a bunch of important enhancements, including GitHub integration on server-side scripts, new APIs for Logstash and AWS Redshift, and security improvements. Head on over to Bitnami or GitHub to get DreamFactory 2.3.1. Here’s the roundup of what’s new.
              <!--more--><strong>Version 2.3.1 release notes:</strong> 
               <li>GitHub integration<br> 
                 <li>You can now update your scripts from GitHub directly in the Admin Console. This feature is supported for event scripts (Scripts tab) and custom scripts (Services tab). </li> 
                </ul> </li> 
               <li>API enhancements and bug fixes<br> 
                 <li>Added Logstash REST API to log <span style="font-weight: 400;">activities directly from your application or from DreamFactory scripting services</span>. Simply enter your Logstash host, port, and network protocol and DreamFactory instantly provides REST API endpoints for Logstash. </li> 
                 <li>Added auto-generated REST API for AWS Redshift. This feature is in beta.</li> 
                 <li>Added support in file services to chunk large file downloads.</li> 
                 <li>Added WSDL and Salesforce REST API version selection options for service config.</li> 
                 <li>Added example WSDL file for Salesforce connections.</li> 
                 <li>Improved related data queries by pushing full dataset down to per-relationship handling.</li> 
                 <li>Added 'count_only' option to query parameters to return a count of filtered records, but not the records.</li> 
                </ul> </li> 
               <li>Security enhancements 
                 <li>Changed passwords, secret keys, etc. in service configurations to be protected (i.e. they can be set but not retrieved through the API).</li> 
                 <li>Changed core models to allow for encryption and protection control. </li> 
                 <li>Cleaned up cached Service model usage.</li> 
                 <li>Changed OAuth services to return token after OAuth authentication and improved consistency across all OAuth providers.</li> 
                 <li>Added OAuth config options to Salesforce service access via Salesforce OAuth.</li> 
                 <li>Session token management for Salesforce API now cached and handles both authentication modes.</li> 
                </ul> </li> 
               <li>User registration enhancements 
                 <li>Added configurable role-per-app for open registration, OAuth, and AD/LDAP services.</li> 
                 <li>User registration and password reset confirmation code length are now configurable.</li> 
                 <li>User registration and password reset confirmation expiration are now configurable.</li> 
                </ul> </li> 
               <li>Other enhancements and bug fixes 
                 <li>Added Python command path setting to distributed env file.</li> 
                 <li>Server-side filters are now case-insensitive like the rest of record processing. </li> 
                </ul> </li> 

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