Announcing DreamFactory 4.12.0

We are pleased to announced the release of DreamFactory 4.12.0 Two New Connectors! The latest version of DreamFactory has two additional Google connectors, AlloyDB and BigQuery. AlloyDB is a fully-managed PostgreSQL compatible database service that Google claims to be up to four times faster than standard PostgreSQL for the same workloads. This connector will be …


by tomo • July 29, 2022


DreamFactory Version 4.11.1 Has Been Released!

by Spencer Nguyen • June 7, 2022


DreamFactory 4.11.0 has been released!

by Spencer Nguyen • April 1, 2022


DreamFactory Version 4.10.2 has been Released!

by Spencer Nguyen • February 11, 2022

API Management, Updates, Updates

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by Kevin McGahey • March 7, 2019


DreamFactory News – Training, a New Guide, SaaS, and More

by Jason Gilmore • November 29, 2018

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