MySQL vs MS SQL Server – Which Database Reigns Supreme?

RDBMS databases form the backbone of most business software solutions. When people discuss SQL (Structured Query Language), it’s in reference to an RDBMS system. Applications store all their important data there. The databases (usually) power all the searches. A good database can bring a system to a higher level. A bad database can bring a business to its knees. For any developer or enterprise embarking on a new software venture, one big question is “which database vendor should I use?”. In the early days of computing, database vendors such as IBM and Oracle reigned supreme. That has changed in recent years. MySQL (open source solution recently purchased by Oracle) and Microsoft’s SQL Server have gained market share. According to a 2019 StackOverflow survey, they hold the #1 and #3 rankings respectively in most popular databases used by professional developers. But which one is best for YOUR business? MySQL vs SQL Server presents a tough and complicated decision!

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