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WSO2 and DreamFactory: A Competitive Analysis

Introduction WSO2 and DreamFactory are both prevalent players in the API management market. It makes little sense to have valuable IT assets on hand if your employees and customers aren’t able to access them when they’re needed most. As such, application programming interfaces (APIs) are an essential part of digital transformation initiatives. APIs are like …


by Luke Marshall • April 6, 2020

API Management, REST, Services, Services

What is Loose Coupling in REST APIs?

by Jason Gilmore • December 19, 2019

API Management, Authentication, Data Sources, MySQL, REST, Services, Services

Creating a Microsoft SQL Server API in Less Than 5 minutes with DreamFactory

by Kevin McGahey • June 3, 2019

REST, Services, Services

7 Simple REST Client Examples for Retrieving API Data

by Matthew Schaer • March 19, 2019


SOAP vs. REST APIs – Which Reigns Supreme?

by Doug Breaker • September 18, 2018

Data Sources, MySQL, REST, REST

Filtering Related Columns within DreamFactory REST API Queries

by Jason Gilmore • September 5, 2018

API Management, Data Sources, MySQL, REST, Services, Services

Instantly Create a REST API for a SQL Server Database

by Jason Gilmore • August 8, 2018

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