Automatic APIs With PostgREST for PostgreSQL

Storing information in a relational database and sharing it via a RESTful API is a very common scenario these days. Depending on your RDBMS (relational database management system), this may take a lot of development effort. One solution that attempts to simplify the process is the PostgREST web server add-on for PostgreSQL. If your organization …


by Kevin McGahey • January 9, 2023


Securing a PostgreSQL API

by Tony Harris • December 19, 2022

PostgreSQL, Uncategorized

Calling a PostgreSQL Stored Procedure from an API

by Kevin McGahey • February 17, 2021

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Introducing the DreamFactory Heroku Add-on

by Jason Gilmore • January 28, 2021


How To Create A PostgreSQL Stored Procedure

by Kevin McGahey • January 27, 2021

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MySQL vs. PostgreSQL

by Tony Harris • January 19, 2021

MySQL, PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL vs. MySQL

by Jeremy H • July 20, 2020

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