Starting With a Monolith or Microservices: How New Technology Is Changing the Conventional View

Conventional wisdom says that new app development projects should begin as monolithic systems. This perspective suggests that you should wait until later to refactor the monolith into a microservices-based architecture — i.e., don’t use microservices until your use-case and scaling demands require them. But is this viewpoint still correct?  Modern API managers like DreamFactory are challenging the …


by Jeremy H • February 3, 2021

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Citrix Workspace Microapps

by Jason Gilmore • November 3, 2020

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Building Microservices Applications With an API Gateway: Advantages and Strategies

by Jeremy H • April 15, 2020

API, Microservices, Microservices

What Is API As A Service? -Microservices & Digital Transformation

by Jeremy H • March 25, 2020


What is a Microservice? What You Need to Know

by Tony Harris • March 4, 2020

Microservices, Monolithic, Monolithic

What is API Architecture?-Monolithic vs. Microservices

by Tony Harris • February 28, 2020

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Microservices, Microservices

ESB vs. Microservices: Understanding Key Differences

by Jeremy H • January 28, 2020

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