Legacy Systems

Using DreamFactory for Legacy Application Modernization

Many organizations face the challenge of legacy application modernization. DreamFactory, an on-premise API generation and management platform, offers a robust solution for this transition.  By enabling the creation of APIs from any data source, automating integration processes, and enhancing security measures, DreamFactory simplifies the modernization of outdated systems. This blog will delve into how DreamFactory …


by Spencer Nguyen • April 18, 2024

Legacy Systems

How To Upgrade Legacy Applications in Your Organization

by Spencer Nguyen • September 19, 2023

Legacy Systems

Legacy Modernization and the Value of Enterprise Systems

by Spencer Nguyen • January 12, 2022

Legacy Systems

Modernizing Business Technology: Legacy System Modernization Through APIs

by Spencer Nguyen • April 13, 2021

Legacy Systems

Legacy System Modernization

by Luke Marshall • June 17, 2020

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