Legacy System

Legacy to Cloud Migration | The Pros and Cons

Evaluating your business’ legacy to cloud migration strategy is a necessary step for successful digital transformation. Legacy systems are old software applications and infrastructure that are still in use by businesses today. They were often built on outdated technologies and may not be compatible with modern cloud platforms. However, legacy systems can also provide a …


by Spencer Nguyen • July 26, 2023

Legacy System

What is a Legacy System and Why Are They in Use?

by Kevin McGahey • July 18, 2023

Legacy System

Legacy System Migration Strategies for 2023

by Terence Bennett • January 31, 2023

Legacy System

Problems with Legacy Systems

by Tony Harris • November 17, 2022

Legacy System

The Cost of Your Legacy System

by Tony Harris • June 15, 2020

Legacy System

7 Approaches to Legacy System Modernization

by Tony Harris • June 8, 2020

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Ring-Fencing APIs: Modernizing Legacy Databases

by Tony Harris • November 13, 2019

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