Spencer Nguyen - January 25, 2022

Since its conception, DreamFactory has consistently provided value to its customers with its on demand, custom generated API management tools, and we’re proud of how we’ve been able to support our customers. As a result of our continued growth we have made the decision to enter into a strategic merger with some of our Xenon Partners sister companies to form Integrate.io

Integrate.io launched on December 15, 2021, bringing together four companies (Xplenty, DreamFactory, FlyData and Intermix.io) to provide a complete data integration platform. 

What is Integrate.io?

Integrate.io is a data warehouse integration platform designed for e-commerce. The Integrate.io platform allows your organization to integrate, process, and prepare data for analytics on the cloud. Because it is a code and jargon free environment, the Integrate.io platform allows your business to take advantage of the opportunities offered by big data without having to invest in hardware, software, or related infrastructure. 

Integrate.io Platform Offerings


Integrate.io’s low-code ETL and Reverse ETL platform streamlines data processing allowing your team to focus on insights instead of data preparation.


DreamFactory’s instant API generation platform gives your team API access to your data sources for consumption in your applications and systems. 


FlyData’s CDC and ELT platform replicates your data to your data warehouse giving your team and systems access to your data in real-time.


Intermix.io’s data warehouse analytics platform captures and provides insights on your data warehouse’s metadata.

This merger will combine the teams and resources from the 4 companies to allow us to accelerate the building and delivery of new platform features such as data observability, additional CDC and reverse ETL connectors, ELT connectors, and instant API generation.

What Will Happen to DreamFactory? 

For DreamFactory customers, nothing will change regarding their license structure, subscription, or access to support. What it does mean is DreamFactory now has access to a wider range of developer support that will allow us to be more agile when it comes to client requests. New features, new connectors, more advanced use cases, we are now able to leverage the resources of our larger entity to better serve our existing clients.

There may be some adjustments to our marketing materials and messaging, but rest assured we are still here to provide the fastest, most reliable API generation platform on the market.

If you would like to learn more about integrate.io or explore the new platforms we are now partnered with please reach out and we would love to host a demo – https://www.integrate.io/calendly/  

Join us for the Integrate.io Launch Event!

On January 27, 2022, Integrate.io will officially launch. Register to join us for the virtual event, hosted by Integrate.io CEO Donal Tobin. During the event, we’ll be covering:

  • Data Warehouse Evolution
  • E-Commerce Industry Shift
  • AWS promotion offer
  • How Integrate.io will change your e-commerce company forever.

Learn about how Integrate.io can transform your data warehouses into a data platform and help your business achieve its 2022 goals. 

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