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Microservices Webinar Recap

Posted by Matthew Schaer

Fri, Jul 28, 2017

On July 19th DreamFactory hosted another expert panel discussion, this time addressing the topic of microservices. The panel brought to the table two thought leaders and industry experts -- Kin Lane, the API Evangelist, and our friend, Analyst, Architect, Adviser, and frequent Forbes contributor Janakiram MSV, whom we couldn't get enough of following the IoT panel discussion.The discussion, moderated by VP of Product Ben Busse, took aim at the subject of designing web-scale workloads with microservices.

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Scaling DreamFactory with Docker

Posted by Arif Islam

Wed, Jun 1, 2016

Docker containers are great when it comes to deploying your application for production, testing, and scaling up for performance. DreamFactory instances can take advantage of Docker containers as well. In fact, it’s even easier to horizontally scale DreamFactory instances (with or without Docker containers) because DreamFactory uses JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

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Deploying apps with DreamFactory packages

Posted by Arif Islam

Wed, May 11, 2016

Developers often find themselves creating same services and resources across all their DreamFactory instances multiple times. For example, in a simple three-stage software development lifecycle (dev, test, production), developers typically need to copy a set of apps, roles, users, services, lookups and other resources across all or some of their environments. This becomes a tedious and counter-productive task as the number of resources and instances goes up.


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