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Server-side scripting with Node.js and DreamFactory

Posted by Todd Appleton

Thu, May 5, 2016

DreamFactory supports V8js, Node.js, PHP, and Python for server-side scripting. In a previous blog post I showed how to create a custom scripting service using V8js. Below, I'll show you the steps to enable and use Node.js scripting in your DreamFactory environment. It's recommended that you use DreamFactory 2.1.2 (or greater) where Node.js is fully supported. We also have a detailed wiki tutorial you can use as a technical reference.

DreamFactory Silver JavaScript Node.js Tutorials

REST enable your SOAP services with DreamFactory

Posted by Todd Appleton

Wed, Mar 2, 2016

DreamFactory allows you to REST enable databases, file storage, remote web services, and more. Now you can also access XML based SOAP services using the DreamFactory REST API. Request and response payloads between your app and DreamFactory are in JSON format. DreamFactory takes care of converting the JSON request to a SOAP request and the SOAP response to a JSON response. We auto-generate a Swagger service definition from the service's WSDL so you can use the API Docs tab in the admin console to test your service, then use the generated URLs to call the service from your own app.

DreamFactory Silver XML JSON SOAP

DreamFactory 2.1 lets you put some Swagger in your custom scripting services

Posted by Todd Appleton

Thu, Feb 18, 2016

DreamFactory provides the ability to create custom scripting services that can be invoked from the REST API. These can be written in JavaScript (V8js or Node.js) or PHP. You can use these services to implement business logic or combine multiple API calls into a single call. For example, if you have several databases you could access each one from the script and then combine the results as JSON or XML for return to the client.

DreamFactory Silver Swagger OpenAPI

Running DreamFactory as a Docker Container

Posted by Todd Appleton

Thu, Jun 11, 2015


Note: This blog post has been updated for DreamFactory 2.x, and now shows how to use Redis for cache.

DreamFactory can be run as a Docker container, which makes it easier than ever to get the backend for your apps up and running. The DreamFactory Docker image is available on Docker Hub, or you can build your own image from the GitHub repo. Using these two methods, I'll show you how to use Docker to fire up your own DreamFactory instance in just a few steps. This setup uses MySQL for the system database and Redis for the system cache. The basic idea is that you first start the containers for MySQL and Redis, then a container for DreamFactory which links to the others. 


.NET SDK for DreamFactory API

Posted by Todd Appleton

Tue, May 19, 2015

Hey, .NET fans! We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new SDK interface for connecting your .NET apps to databases or other services via the DreamFactory Services Platform (DSP). Like all of our SDKs (we also offer ones for iOS, Android, and JavaScript), this one offers user-friendly wrapper functions for commonly-used API calls. You don't have to spend days learning the details of the API - the SDK takes care of that for you. While recommended, there's no requirement to use the SDK for your .NET apps. All you need is a way to make the HTTP calls to your DSP.

The SDK is available from GitHub or it can be installed from nuget.org. The README on GitHub offers lots of details about installing or building from source code. The SDK is built with .NET 4.5 but you can easily build with .NET 4.0 if needed. It comes with a unirest-net implementation of IHttpFacade - the UnirestHttpFacade class. You can also define your own implementation to use with the DreamFactory API by providing a custom IHttpFacade.

Let's look at a few examples of how to authenticate to your DSP and make some CRUD calls to its default MySQL database. There's demo code available in the GitHub repo for all of these functions.

DreamFactory Enterprise Applications Sample Apps .NET

DreamFactory 1.9.0 Supports Amazon SNS Push Notifications

Posted by Todd Appleton

Tue, Feb 10, 2015

We're excited to announce that DreamFactory now supports push notifications using Amazon’s Simple Notification Service (SNS). Notifications can be sent to any endpoint supported by SNS. This includes mobile, email, and HTTP endpoints. 


DreamFactory 1.9.0 Has Shipped!

Posted by Todd Appleton

Thu, Feb 5, 2015

Hi folks, we've been busy cranking on the DreamFactory 1.9.0 release and after many long nights we're happy to announce....drumroll please....1.9.0 is live! Here's a quick round up of new features in the 1.9.0 release. Head on over to Bitnami to install DreamFactory 1.9.0 on your server of choice or grab it from GitHub.

DreamFactory Authentication SQL

New Feature - Remote Web Service Caching

Posted by Todd Appleton

Fri, Nov 21, 2014

The DreamFactory Services Platform (DSP) supports adding any number of services to each DSP instance. These services are then accessible from the REST API that's built in to every DSP. Often these services are either a database or file storage but there's another service type called 'Remote Web Service'. This could be any service that has a REST API supporting JSON or XML document exchange. See this blog post for an overview of how remote web services are configured and called.

How to REST-enable your Oracle database in Ten Minutes

Posted by Todd Appleton

Fri, Oct 24, 2014

Talking to developers over the last few months, one of the most common requests we received was to support Oracle as one of our native database types. We've just released version 1.8.0 of our DreamFactory Services Platform (DSP) which does exactly that. With some simple configuration you can create a service on the DSP for your Oracle database and access it via our REST API, either from your app or from the API Docs in the DSP admin console. By adding Oracle as a service on your DSP, you can easily control which users and apps have access to the database and what level of access they should have.

DreamFactory Now Supported on Microsoft Windows

Posted by Todd Appleton

Tue, Sep 16, 2014

DreamFactory's open source REST API platform for mobile enterprise applications is now supported on Microsoft Windows environments. In this blog post we'll describe installation options and highlight some of the benefits DreamFactory can bring to your Microsoft projects.

Build Your Own Web Services Using DreamFactory Custom Scripts

Posted by Todd Appleton

Thu, Sep 4, 2014

A while back we introduced event scripts to the DreamFactory Services Platform (DSP). These scripts are triggered by events on specific resources such as a GET on a database table.  Starting with version 1.7.8 DreamFactory supports a second type of script called custom script.  Custom scripts are a little more flexible than event scripts because you can write custom scripts to implement any functionality you want and the client can invoke them directly via the REST API.  

Data Segmentation with Server-Side Filtering and Lookup Keys

Posted by Todd Appleton

Tue, May 20, 2014

The 1.5 release of the DreamFactory Services Platform (DSP) introduces the ability to easily create server-side filters that control database access at the record level. Click here for an introduction to this feature, including how to restrict access by OwnerId. As a follow up to that post I want to give you a detailed example of how you can use this feature to "assign" records to certain users based on the value of a particular field. I'm not going to present an app that uses this feature, but I will show you all the details of how to set it up for your own DSP. Once everything is configured properly, the server will apply the filters you defined to all API calls.

DreamTeam Project Management Meets the DreamFactory Services Platform

Posted by Todd Appleton

Mon, May 5, 2014

DreamTeam was originally developed in 2005 and was the first application on the Salesforce.com AppExchange. Since then, over 20,000 companies have used DreamTeam for project and document management, resource management, collaborative calendaring, time & expense management, and project portfolio reporting. We're excited to announce that you can now run DreamTeam on the DreamFactory Services Platform. This is a great example of a rich client application that takes full advantage of our REST API platform to deliver enterprise-grade capabilities for project and document management.

Add a REST API to any SQL DB in Minutes

Posted by Todd Appleton

Wed, Jan 8, 2014

11/17/2015 - Originally written for DreamFactory 1.X, this post has been updated to reflect the current version, DreamFactory 2.0.

Have you got SQL data that you need to access from your mobile or web apps? If so, DreamFactory provides an easy and secure way to add a REST API to any SQL database in minutes. Supported SQL databases include SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Postgres, and SAP SQL Anywhere. With the free, open source DreamFactory REST API backend all you have to do is create a service for your database, then use the auto-generated REST API to access that service. Each DreamFactory instance comes with its own SQLite database that's accessible via the default 'db' service. Bitnami installs also include pre-configured MySQL and MongoDB (NoSQL) services. See the wiki for supported database types on the various host operating systems. In this blog post we'll show how to add additional services to REST-enable any SQL database. Then we'll show some simple examples of how to use the REST API to manage your SQL schema and data.

If you're a video kind of person, we have some screencasts available.

REST API DreamFactory API Enterprise Applications Enterprise Architecture SQL

DynamoDB App Tutorial with the DreamFactory SDK

Posted by Todd Appleton

Fri, Nov 8, 2013

ToddAppletonThis blog post is about building a to do list app using Amazon's DynamoDB for storage along with the DreamFactory Services Platform (DSP) for the backend. We'll show you how to add DynamoDB as a service on your DSP then we'll use DreamFactory's JavaScript SDK to authenticate and make CRUD calls to that service.

Adding a Remote Web Service to Your DSP

Posted by Todd Appleton

Thu, Aug 8, 2013

The DreamFactory Services Platform (DSP) provides a flexible and powerful backend for your mobile apps. If you don’t have a DreamFactory account, sign up here. One of the key features is the ability to integrate any number of remote web services, and access them directly through the DreamFactory REST API. In this blog post we'll walk through the process of setting up and invoking a remote web service.

SenchaCon, A Look Back

Posted by Todd Appleton

Thu, Jul 25, 2013

ToddAppletonLast week I had the pleasure of attending SenchaCon 2013 in Orlando, FL.  It was four days of fun learning including boot camps, new product announcements, and in-depth sessions on all aspects of Sencha and general web development.  Throughout the conference there were a few recurring themes that I wanted to touch on in this post, and in some cases connect the dots back to our DreamFactory Services Platform (DSP).

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jQuery App Tutorial with the DreamFactory REST API

Posted by Todd Appleton

Mon, Jun 24, 2013

ToddAppletonThis blog post is about building a to do list app using the DreamFactory Services Platform (DSP) for the backend. We provide a comprehensive REST API and an easy-to-use JavaScript SDK for making API calls. This example will show you how to authenticate to your DSP and then make simple CRUD calls using the SDK.

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