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Modus Create welcomes Dreamfactory in Romania

Posted by Jessica Rose

Thu, Jul 21, 2016

One of the most important parts of building great software is listening to your users and the wider developer community. We're always excited to get the chance to go out into the community to learn more about what you all are working on.

Sponsoring Rails Girls Summer of Code

Posted by Jessica Rose

Thu, Mar 3, 2016

At DreamFactory we’re passionate about open source, APIs, and about the technologist communities we work in. As part of our drive to help make technology more diverse and accessible, we’re proud to be sponsoring the 2016 Rails Girls Summer of Code.

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DreamFactory at PHP UK

Posted by Jessica Rose

Mon, Feb 29, 2016

For the second year running DreamFactory was proud to sponsor PHP UK. Jennifer, Jill and Ben attended last year and had so much fun that we had to let some other members of the team attend the 2016 event. Tom and Drew packed up and left Atlanta to join Jess on their first trip to the UK. Jess gave a short keynote during the event, talking about how cognitive biases like impostor syndrome impact our abilities.

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Wordpress integration with the DreamFactory REST API platform for user management

Posted by Jessica Rose

Thu, Jan 21, 2016

Noggle CEO Lars von Thienen has been indulging in a little island hopping lately. There aren’t many palm trees on these islands, but getting between them is a lot faster and safer now.

DreamFactory Proud to Sponsor HackKings

Posted by Jessica Rose

Mon, Nov 9, 2015

Based around open source technology, the DreamFactory team has a lot of love for spaces where passionate people are building the interesting and unexpected. So being involved with hackathons seemed like an incredible way to get involved with amazing events, communities and to see what kinds of interesting things sleep-deprived technologists could build on the DreamFactory platform in 24 hours. We're going to be sponsoring our first hackathon in December, the esteemed HackKings student hackathon at King's College London on December 12-13th.

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DreamFactory at Interface Open Source / API Events

Posted by Jessica Rose

Fri, Oct 9, 2015

We are delighted to be attending two API-focused events serving the open source community. Interface is a series of Meetups developed by the Age of Peers team focused on the intersection of open source and APIs. We’ll be attending the London Interface on October 21st at Dragon Hall and Amsterdam Interface on October 23rd.

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